…comes from this huffpo story than yesterday.

FreedomWorks Chairman Dick Armey and President and CEO Matt Kibbe today refused to endorse Delaware Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell in the state’s GOP Senate primary. “We stayed out of that race because we’re not convinced that Christine O’Donnell can win,” said Kibbe.

However if you read deeper in the article you see this:

However, Kibbe didn’t have kind things to say about O’Donnell’s primary opponent, Mike Castle:

I think the question for Mike Castle is, if he can’t win his primary, does he deserve to win the general? And we’ll see what happens tomorrow, but it’s always a judgment call as to who is the most competitive candidate, and I think the vetting of the primary and what the Tea Party activists have really asked for is an open primary where their candidates get a chance to run and compete and prove themselves, or lose.

The Goal? Set one batch of conservatives against each other. The Huff po and the left are salivating at the back and forth on the right over Christine O’Donnell, I don’t blame them, it is the only hope they have for any sort of victory, but I would suggest to my fellow conservatives that we should disagree politely rather than writing their fall campaign scripts for them.

As for Mr. Kibee I have to disagree with his premise, He call is a pragmatic one and there are limited resources to be used, but one supports a positions for a reason. If you think that Christine O’Donnell and her positions are better for the cause and the country you fight for her so she CAN win. I ventured deep into yesterday’s crowd they would agree with me. Pragmatism has it’s place, but if you want to lead, you have to do so from the front.

Update: Stacy says it well:

Stacy & I discuss the vital issues of the day

Public opinion is a moving target, and the purpose of politics is not merely to react to public opinion, but to change public opinion. You will never win a fight if you walk away from the fight, and that’s what happens when you say to yourself, “Well, Delaware is a liberal state; there’s no point even trying to elect a real conservative there.”

Conservatives ought not succumb to the defeatist argument that we should retreat, ceding political terrain to our anatagonists, simply because they are strong and we are weak. When will we be stronger?

If Republicans can’t elect a conservative in Delaware this year, at what future point will such a victory be possible? In 2012? 2014? Ever?

He’s got a great point there. He would have had it up earlier but as you can see he was busy last night

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