Quick post blogcon thoughts:

Posted: September 13, 2010 by datechguy in special events

Every blogger at one time in their lives should visit the Krusier cabana.

It is very hard to manage the trade-off between gathering info and posting it. Doing it will make you a better blogger.

The greatest pleasure of Blogcon is to see people whose company I enjoy and get to know some of them better.

The scariest thing is to realize how many of them are young enough to be my children.

The most classic moment of Blogcon was watching Cynthia Yockey give her business card to an elderly conservative volunteer for Freedomworks saying : “Obama has created a lot of conservatives”

I ended up spending several hours with Cynthia on the 11th, what a pleasant person to spend time with.

And Nice Deb is the ultimate in truth in advertising

My trips to Washington have convinced me that we would have better government if the congress and the taxi drivers of the country switched places for a week.

Steven Crowder is a deep and quiet young man.

The official fedora count is -1 but I know where they are.

To anyone I’ve shot for short interviews they will all be on YouTube today but I won’t give “official” note of them until they are on the blog.

The worst part of Blogcon was not catching more people to say goodbye.

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