Some quick notes this morning….

Posted: September 11, 2010 by datechguy in special events

Quick thoughts about a few things so far as I don’t have time for long posts

It’s a long walk from Arlington to Capital Hill

When going to inside congress, don’t have a ton of metal

Dan Riehl doesn’t look like his twitter photo

Melissa Clouthier is apparently secretly a Time Lord as there is no physical way she can do all she does without the help of a Tardis what an impressive woman.

It would be very nice if either of my sonss end up with someone as nice as Allie Duzett

It is getting much more difficult to get people to agree to a field guide interview than at CPAC

There is an inordinate amount of incredibly attractive women here, and particularly pretty faces.

The Fleetwoods Husband and Wife

On that subject when I first met Susannah Fleetwood she wasn’t duded up and she suggested she didn’t look good, that seemed odd until I saw her yesterday dressed up. In fairness to the other women here I haven’t seen them “dressed up” but to this point she is clearly one of the 5 sexiest woman I’ve ever seen, and her husband is a very gracious and lucky man. It’s a pleasure to see them together.

The Sportsbars two blocks down the street needs to set the high score on their Terminator Pinball machines, I played for more than an hour on a buck

Renne Ellmers is a spectacular candidate for NC-2 She will be mentioned in my examiner column today when I get to it.

Renne Ellmers 9/9/2010

Renne’s supporter Loire Byrd is not only nice but has the single best face at CPAC it is a very tough call but I have to give her the nod.

I am meeting so many young ladies that I would like to introduce to my sons.

When I see Katy of Katy’s conservative Corner with her husband by her side working together it gives me a warm feeling, what a great couple.

One of the few disappointments I’ve had here is Little Miss Attila is elsewhere but she’s been busy with a project.

The panels were pretty good overall, but I found myself not

Comedy Panel

laughing at the comedy panel.

I haven’t seen ace of spades in 7 months, even among friends he seems reserved inside

Had a great lunch with two Lt. Cols (one my friend Steve) and a

Three who serve

few bloggers apart from the main group

Speaking of military there is a reunion for the USS Topeka in the hotel today these gentlemen are impressive, but my father served in the pacific so I’m biased.

If anyone met the conservative woman of CPAC they would not be surprised that we have so many strong republican women in the party.

It is very wonderful to see so many CPAC faces here, it gives a warm feeling just to have the sight of them.

If I ever need to run a large event I hope I can find someone as skillful as Tabitha Hale…

…and if you ever see her in one of my Fedora you will find it hard not to stare.

Watching her handle the job gives me even more respect for Dick Armey, one of the signs of a good leader is the ability to select great people to work under them.

Dick Armey and friends

Dave Weigel is a nice guy to talk to. I see why Stacy likes him so much.

The amount of women here who combine brains, beauty and personality here who are unmarried is a stunning indictment against the good sense of male sex.

It’s a shame that I don’t have enough time to read and link to all the cool blogs here.

The conservation and people here are just too good, I went downstairs at 11 to grab a diet coke at the bar and stayed for 3 hours talking to people about, religion, gaming, philosophy etc.

I have not given other people’s blogs here the attention they deserve and I am very sorry about that…

…come to think of it I haven’t posted enough here either.

My local tea party group is marching today so I have some gymnastics to do with time.

I want to post more but there is info I can only do while I’m here so I should do them as a priority over posting.

I don’t intend to go gonzo again but who knows?

I wish my wife was here, I miss her.

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  2. […] love of life and family–and, he’s a great storyteller to boot. Not to mention, he said some really nice things about me and my husband on his blog, so I totally appreciate […]