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One of the speakers at the Reading Tea Party last night was Rob McCarthy who is hoping to win the nomination to face John Tierney in the 6th district.

The light was REALLY horrible in the room and all of my videos taken there have a red Tint that I don’t have time to edit out.

McCarthy is an inactive Marine (there is no such thing as an Ex-Marine) who currently practices law in Saugus. He has been active in local politics for a while, favors the repeal of ASAP of Obamacare), believes we can drop the costs of Insurance by allowing sales across state lines. He committed himself to helping GOP candidates statewide if he won as well. On Illegal Immigration he nailed it by saying:

“We have every right to expect people to enter this country legally & respect our law”.

That sums it up pretty well.


A Hotel & Bedbugs tale:

Lou Sorkin, an entomologist at New York’s American Museum of Natural History who has been studying bedbug behavior for 15 years, said the nationwide bedbug problem is as bad as he’s ever seen it, not only because of the decline in DDT use but because of increased international travel.

And since many travelers end up in hotels, these critters are giving guests the jitters. Guests are grilling the staff on their bedbug extermination policies, keeping their suitcases away from the upholstery, and pulling off the sheets to inspect the mattresses.

Should we send any bill to the estate of Rachel Carlson?

Great minds think alike.

This November is going to look like the Fireworks scene from Police Squad

That will be the media on Election night “Nothing to see here!”

Rich talked to me just before the start of Bill Gunn’s Townsend town hall last night:

I was pleasantly surprised to find out he is the uncle of my friend Paul Howley owner of That’s Entertainment two of the best comic and hobby shops you will ever find in the Massachusetts