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Posted: September 3, 2010 by datechguy in blogs, media, opinion/news
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One of the things I discovered in my initial week with Stacy McCain back in January is that actually being there makes a huge difference because when opportunity knocks (or in this case rings)you are near the door to answer:

Getting an interview with Sarah Palin is difficult. Getting an interview with Todd is next to impossible, and I would never have gotten this far if mutual friends — including Anchorage conservative talk-radio legend Eddie Burke — hadn’t vouched for my bona fides. So most of the conversation over the next two hours is off-the-record, or at least on background. To breach that agreement would be to put myself into that category of reporters whom Sarah Palin recently described to Sean Hannity as “impotent, limp and gutless.”

Why is this possible? Because Stacy McCain took the risk and the chance to BE in Alaska, to meet conservatives there and to give them the respect they deserve and produces the reciprocity that makes this moment possible. What a spectacular reporter

Since the MSM is not smart enough to hire him as a roving reporter, I strongly endorse hitting his tip jar. Who else is going to do this for you?

If there has ever been a moment where I have been jealous of my own hat, it would be now. My hat has been to Sarah Palin’s house and I’m on a couch in Fitchburg. ARRUGH!

The big question. Is Todd Palin or Trig now a member of the Axis of Fedora?

memorandum thread here

Update: Stacy’s exclusive makes other reporters seem limp by comparison

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