An attendee of the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally

Posted: September 2, 2010 by datechguy in culture, tea parties
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Jacob Sutherland is a regular at the twin city tea party and attended Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally

This was split into 3 parts to accommodate YouTube

I had a feeling after this talk my Arch enemy good friend Chris’ head blew up

His comments concerning the Al Sharpton crowd “How can you be angry? You won.” was funny, he also credited Sharpton with about 10k. He calls the 3k number low and as he was there I believe him.

You will note I put this under Religion, you can not avoid putting the Beck Rally there.

  1. Love your post. This needs to be said. You should read what I have to say at

    Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Barack Obama will never have to know you’ve visited.

  2. […] from the Twin Cities Tea Party meeting which we played and referred to in this episode: “An Attendee of the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally” (there are many videos on this site from candidates & other politically active people in […]