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Just heard Michael Graham talk about Barack Obama as the best creator of conservative voters ever.

Just now was able to get the Net will update as able

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Jeff Perry now going up Crowd gave him a rousing round of applause. Let the group in a cheer against both Obamacare and Amnesty

Joe Malone now coming up gets a good reception.

Ray Kasperowicz gets a huge round of applause when suggesting impeachment against Eric Holder.

Mary Z. Connaughton up if you’ve seen my interview with her you know what see is saying tonight. “This is OUR year”

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The Results of the Straw poll are here

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Q: What was the first thought in my mind after coming home from a couple of hours of errands and seeing the following tweet from Michelle Malkin concerning James Jay Lee.

Not knowing who he is what would be your first thought?

Again that was before I knew anything about what was going on just seeing the tweet. I think that is the strongest critique of liberal academia today that I can think of.

Honestly if you knew nothing about that man other than the information from that tweet wouldn’t your first thought be NGO or Tenured Professor?

He was a last minute addition because we had extra time, it’s a good thing too because he had a lot to say

He is one of two Sticker candidates for AG on the republican side

He took questions from the crowd.

And seems to be a best defense is a good offense type of guy.

You don’t get much more Italian than this man, he could be a fellow in my parish.

Stacy at the Spectator talks about Miller’s victory and makes an important point:

Miller’s victory was a vindication for a lot of people who have grown tired of seeing the GOP act as accomplices to the remorseless expansion of federal power. The campaign succeeded in large measure because the Tea Party movement has turned long-simmering conservative discontent with big-government Republicanism into an organized national force. Ever since the 2008 TARP bailout of Wall Street — for which Murkowski voted — more and more GOP voters have joined the insurgency that helped fuel the Miller campaign in accomplishing a rare thing: The defeat of an incumbent senator in a Republican primary.

It should not be forgotten that many establishment republicans were talking “repair” rather than “repeal” obamacare. The establishment Republicans are a lot more interested in driving the chuck wagon the stopping the gravy train. It’s only the tea party that keeps them honest. Smitty has a metaphor for this here.