Al Sharpton is one smart operator

Posted: August 29, 2010 by datechguy in media, tea parties
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After a year or more of the left trying to first dismiss the tea parties as AstroTurf, then as irreverent, then not as big as they claim, then finally as violent racist and all of them failing miserably, Sharpton came up with a brilliant idea.

By holding a competing rally who’s primary mission was to declare the other rally evil and divisive, Sharpton was able to give the left something else to cover. To create an equivalence.

You can not find coverage of the Restoring Honor Rally without seeing coverage of Sharpton, (this post for example). The blogs on the left, some of who might not normally want to give him the time of day are forced to do so, because the alternative is to deal with Beck and the numbers he produced.

Sharpton saw this opportunity and jumped at it and the liberals with no alternatives must elevate him for his aggrandizement and profit.

Ironic isn’t it, Sharpton’s actions are the ultimate expression of capitalism, abetted by those who reject it.

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