Morning Joe on the car attack

Posted: August 26, 2010 by datechguy in media, politics
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They report his background, (not specifically mentioning his support to park 51) but since they can’t directly attach him to opposition to the mosque they still play the Gingrich card. You can see them trying to hold back, unable to make the direct connection so it is all a question of “climate”.

I would think the irony of his attachments would be the big story, but I think it is disgraceful that they attempt to link Gingrich here or opposition to the mosque here when the facts are exactly the opposite. Since the guy supports the mosque how does the “climate of hate” connect to the attack? The only climate that mattered was the climate of alcohol in his system.

I haven’t been making it up early enough today to catch the first hour so I don’t know if they hit the Carnahan story but it would be nice.

Then again they have been very balanced looking at the president and noting that he is again being treated differently that Bush would have, noting the double standards.

That’s the thing about this show, compared to every other show on MSNBC they are not afraid to look at reality. They even pointed to Sarah Palin’s success today and acknowledged it.

I wonder if MSNBC tolerates them because a morning show by nature attracts people outside the clique?

Cripes they just played the Rubio Ad. It’s awesome!

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