There will one day be actual tea party violence, until then there will be a slight delay

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is the title of my Latest examiner column. It concerns the events surrounding the Firebombing of Russ Carnahan (D) MO-3 office and the ensuing media firestorm media silence :

Russ Carnahan is a 3 term Democratic congressman representing the Missouri 3rd district. Unlike his two previous campaigns where he won over 65% of the vote, the bad economy, the unpopular healthcare plan and the tea party movement has put Mr. Carnahan in the political fight for his life.

On August 16th his office in St. Louis was firebombed

As you can guess despite the media template the suspect is in fact a man of the left

The story in fairness is really gateway pundit’s who has been all over it.

Camp of the saints was kind enough to already link even before this post made it up saying:

A good example of this was when the Times Square Bomb Plot was discovered and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg immediately speculated that someone or ones opposing Obamacare were behind it. As we now know, it was a Jihadist who was the plotter.

Another example of the Left blaming the Right without justification was when that Census worker was found dead in Kentucky. Turned out [sadly for the Bolshes] that it was a suicide.

We’re used to this dishonorable and disgusting behavior from the Left and methinks we’re all developing thick skins and long memories [I certainly hope the latter is true — forgiveness is a fine and admirable thing, but never, ever forget the calumnies hurled against you by your enemies].

And if we weren’t already in full irony overload mode we have the Manhattan Borough president proclaiming on Fox the guilt of the tea parties hours after the Politico reported the opposite and US NEWS reporting death threats against Freedom Works.

In an infinite universe mathematics tells us sooner or later the media will actually find an actual example of Tea Party violence but it would seem to me we ought to classify the media and leftist belief in the “violent tea party” as a religion that way it can be a matter of faith rather than reason. (Sola MSNBC?)

I can’t wait for the day when this kind of thing will surprise me again.

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    I subscribe to the Examiner column and got the notice at 1441 yesterday.