I haven’t gotten my cut? I must be doing something wrong.

Posted: August 23, 2010 by datechguy in elections, internet/free speech, opinion/news, politics
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According to Tucker Carlson (who hasn’t hired me even slightly) or more properly Jonathan Strong says at least half of conservative bloggers are getting paid for coverage.

To that I say. I wish! Today I was at the Charlie Baker event in Framingham. I got up at 5, filled up the car, bought batteries and spent 95 minutes on the road at Rush Hour to get to Forte’s Parts connection in Framingham where he was appearing. Once there Interviewed the owner, one of his competitors who was there for the appearance, Charlie Baker, Mary Connaughton (Candidate for Auditor) and two state rep candidates Ed McGrath and Chris Resmini. I walked in the door back home just after 12 noon.

Once I got home I started uploading pictures and videos so they could be posted and shared with people interested in Massachusetts races. If you have to count the dollars I got for doing this, I’d say it amounts to nearly…..nearly one. Call it none.

I am very out of work and have been for a long time. If any of the people that the Daily caller seems to know wants to help kick in to pay for this I’d be more than happy to take their money. If candidates who want coverage want to pay me to go anywhere in the country to cover their story, I’d love to do it, but the daily caller not withstanding it’s more like what Robert Stacy said today:

Most conservative bloggers are part-timers, for whom a couple of hundred dollars a month would be a godsend. Trying to “monetize” Web traffic is a notoriously difficult task, and even successful full-time bloggers aren’t exactly “farting through silk,” to borrow P.J. O’Rourke’s colorful phrase.

That’s me all over, so Tucker if you know republicans willing to finance conservative bloggers send them right over.

Oh and here are the photos from the appearance:

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