Assorted thoughts for a Sunday Morning

Posted: August 22, 2010 by datechguy in Uncategorized

My mind is wandering a a dozen different directions this morning so lets talk a bit about everything:

Turned on the TV when I got downstairs this morning and noticed Fox News Watch, the talked briefly about Iraq. The point was being made that because we had 50,000 troops there and contractors the war wasn’t really over. I guess we are still fighting World War II since we have never pulled our troops out of Germany.

A&E is running Three Stooges shorts till 10 a.m. this morning, WSBK has run them regularly as one of two stations, (the other in Chicago) that has the rights to them outside of the licenses granted by the stooges heirs. Considering the NEWEST of these shorts are from 1958 (the oldest from 1933) it can be considered the greatest continual run for a comedy team in history. I will be dead and buried for decades and generations unborn will be watching the stooges and laughing at them.

A&E has actually started creating “Short Shorts” cutting down stooges films to just about 5 min as fillers. In theory using this method they could show the entire run in a one day marathon.

I took a peek at Pam Geller’s book The Post American Presidency a week ago. I plan on ordering it at sometime before the end of the month. Pam has been absolutely tireless in fighting radical Islam and has been utterly fearless. She puts comedy central to shame.

The RNC is low on dough. This doesn’t surprise me, their proclivity to support RINO’s and track record of same have scared off activists. See (The Not one Red Cent campaigns). Don’t forget that when confronted on the NRCC’s support of ACORN endorsed candidate Dede Scozzafava, the NRCC chairman lashed out at the conservatives who questioned him. Dede eventually endorsed democrat Bill (One Hour) Owens.

The question becomes will the donors give their dough to the individual candidates. That’s where $10 buck Friday’s come in.

You know there are two things that hit me about the “Is Obama a Muslim” business. First of all is there something wrong with being a Muslim? The way the media is treating that perception you would think that it was they who had an issue with it. Secondly it occurs to me that it might be serving a foreign policy motive to not be emphatic about his religion as apostasy from Islam is punishable by death.

And isn’t it strange that after the AP and the MSM are falling over themselves to say “this is not a Mosque” it is revealed today that it is currently functioning…as a Mosque.

And can we please stop worry about what our foes think of us for what we do. Our foes will think of us as they always do, as enemies. If they don’t have a reason to hate us, they will make them up.

I’ve been looking at the history book that my son has for summer reading for his AP US History class this fall, it is the 10th Edition of the particular text, I own the 6th. I’ve been noticing the differences between the pair. One telling difference my edition includes the “Equal Rights Amendment” as the 27th Amendment to the Constitution his has the actual 27th amendment that restricts congressional pay raises.

Is there any item “As seen on TV” that isn’t available at your local CVS or Marshalls within a year?

Have you ever noticed that Lawyers on TV must all be deaf, they are always saying to witnesses on the stand: “I didn’t hear you can you repeat that”?

Stacy McCain is exactly right on the impeachment bit.

The closest thing to Steve Den Beste’s essays that I enjoyed so much in the old days are Elizabeth Scalia posts at the Anchoress.

Is Burn Notice a fun TV show or what?

I was re-reading Rush Limbaugh an Army of one (my review here) and noticed that everything he predicted that the president would do, he did?

I’ve been spending an awful lot of time tweeting lately. I’m going to make it a point not to today.

I can’t think of Twitter without thinking of Sissy Willis she managed to be both Buzzworthy at Michelle Malkin and linked by Instapundit on the same post.

Does Geico do the best commercials or what? The only real lemon is the “Bird in the Hand” one.

All those warnings about “don’t get cocky” are right. Polls and money doesn’t vote, people do.

Simplicity Plus is the best brand of Cat Litter I’ve ever used.

Watching Harry Reid and John McCain playing with their positions to save their jobs is pretty pathetic. You would think both of these guys would have some pride or a life, particularly McCain.

And the country still owes him for the support of the surge big time.

Is there any Doctor Who fan created work better than Rich’s Comics Blog?

If I see one more ad for one more Vampire show I’ll drive a stake through my own heart.

And just how many blades can you fit in a razor until it’s enough?

  1. smitty says:

    Tee hee hee. The impeachment post was a Smitty outing, boss. ;)

  2. I believe the correct number to your last question is . . . five. The onion told me so.