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The attempts to dodge the Mosque for what is it, reflects poorly on them, but I must confess I’m getting really sick of the story, so lets cut to the chase.

1. The Mosque’s supporters hold every legal card at the moment.

2. Moral suasion is unlikely to have any effect unless the developers have something to lose.

3. Whatever the solution it will be spun for propaganda purposes by Islamists.

4. This didn’t become a national issue until the president choose to make it one.

5. The issue highlights the media’s separation from the American mainstream. It’s inability to understand the people it wishes to inform is its doom.

6. This issue is a loser for democrats and no amount of spin will change that, but it’s not the primary issue in the election.

Ok that should do me for a while on this issue

Over at Ace’s place the Purple Avenger is comparing the situation in November to Trafalgar:

The Democrats are much like the French and Spanish, their tactics are predictable as the tides, and old as Methuselah. Their responses to attacks are scripted and rote, its the same responses you would have heard 30 years ago.

This is actually a pet peeve of mine, Whenever I hear about the brilliance of Nelson at Trafalgar I’m reminded of what American hero Steven Decatur said about the British at Trafalgar:

The French should have never lost at Trafalgar if their gunnery was what it should have been.

The British tried such tactics against Thomas MacDonough at Plattsburg on Sept 11th 1814 and it remains one of the most significant American victories that for some reason is never remembered.

More correct an analogy is Sayler’s Creek. The Democrats have been under siege (ala Petersburg) defending unpopular policies that republicans have been nailing them on, first slowly then finally breaking through their flanks on both left and right. They are fleeing this president in the same way as the Confederates were fleeing Grant. This Mosque is one issue that the President has decided to stop and fight on as did the Confederates at Sayler’s Creek. Sheridan had the right answer saying: “Go Right through them, they are demoralized as hell.”

The majority of the people who have been arguing restraint the loudest are those who wish republican gains to be the smallest.

This is what is needed to win the battle, later today I’ll talk about winning the war.