My interview with Mattie Fein (r) candidate for congress CA36

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Doing the job the main stream media is is paid for but apparently chooses not to I spent 15 minutes talking with Republican Candidate for Ca-36 Mattie Fein:

On The Torrance Daily Breeze’s decision to not cover the campaign:

“I’m Concerned, this isn’t about looking for favorable coverage, it’s about looking for fair play. There are serious issues in the district and the voters deserve the issues on the table.”

The Irony of the Daily Breeze belittling her concerns over Harmon’s purchase of a Whopper Jr Newsweek while otherwise ignoring her campaign is not lost on her.

On Jane Harman Ducking her:

Jane Harman said she understood that the seat she has held for 16 years is not an entitlement but has ducked our attempts to debate her and avoided town hall meetings within our own district. We have also sent a letter to the Torrance Daily Breeze about sponsoring such debates, we have not received a reply.

Mattie Fein Ca 36 in my Fedora Photo Robert Stacy McCain

On the Issues in the District:

Jobs is the issue, people are concerned about their jobs and the job situation of their families and friends. We have also heard from Democrats who have expressed concern about Harmon’s rough relationship with the speaker and its effects on the district

On how she has been received:

We are very excited by the response we have gotten at events from the voters. Democrats, Republicans and undeclared voters are in the district are ready for change

Shades of Ma-01. A democratic district with an incumbent who has held office for nearly two decades and a dynamic candidate (Bill Gunn) shaking things up. The difference? The local papers don’t leave the coverage of the race to bloggers 3000 miles away.

Update: Photo added courtesy of Robert Stacy McCain. How bad is it when my fedora has more of a presence in a California congressional race than the local paper?

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