SISU has it almost right with the title of her first rate post

Posted: August 12, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, media, opinion/news
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Her post is titled A growing chorus of “minority” Republicans are finding their voice. It’s a great post saying in part

They’re pushing back against Michelle Malkin’s “ethnic plantation owners,” the demagoging Democrats who would project their own racism onto the tea partiers of all races among us who don’t toe the politically correct, identity-politics party line. And they’re disintermediating the legacy media via the internet.

The truth is they have always had their voices, it is just the MSM has ignored them in the past and continues to do so. The point is they are unable to prevent the general public from finding them due to social media and the internet.

The correct title is “A growing chorus of “minority” Republican voices are found by the public”.

A perfect example of this is at Stacy McCain’s site. Ron Miller and his book Sellout a quote from the post:

Ron seems the sort of fellow who is better still when receiving questions, so I hope he gets booked on all sorts of talk shows. Can Rachel Maddow thrive in such a pleasant environment of unrelenting decency?

Smitty Smitty Smitty, it’s not relevant, he is not going to be booked on the MSM, they will repress his message, it is us the blogs that will get the message out.

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  2. smitty says:

    Well, sure: I wouldn’t expect intellectual honesty from Maddow.
    I just wanted to write ‘unrelenting decency’.