All morning on MSNBC the message is Obama Political Victory…

Posted: August 11, 2010 by datechguy in elections, politics, tea parties
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You would think the candidate of a sitting president beating the candidate for a former president would not be big news. However this is the MSM and their anointed candidate is on the throne in office.

Robert Stacy McCain who has a highly attuned and refined BS detector is having none of it:

Really? I mean, really? The hand-picked establishment candidate won in the Colorado Democratic primary, while grassroots conservatives defeated the establishment pick in the GOP primary, and that’s good news for Democrats? That their party base is less fired-up than the Republican grassroots in a mid-term election where turnout is the name of the game?

He also points out that this is a defeat for John McCain, his advice?

Stop looking forward to 2012 – i.e., how did the Palin Factor play? — and focus on the here and now.

Don’t forget today.

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