Voices of the CNMC Friar Roderic Burke of Airmaria.com

Posted: August 9, 2010 by datechguy in catholic, short films/interviews, special events, tech
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Friar Roderic tell us all about airmaria.com

I’ve never seen a Friar who’s look more shouts “Friar” than him. Other than the gray robe of the order of Maximilian Kobe (Feast day Saturday) doesn’t he just look like he could walk right on the set of the 1950’s series The Adventures of Robin Hood and fit right in. Yet here he is at the Catholic New Media Convention. The medium may change but the message of Christ remains the same.

  1. Olga Myers says:

    Hi Friars Roderic and Didacus,
    So good to hear your voice and see this interview.
    I don’t know if you remember me. My friend and I sat a spoke to you both at the Meet and Greet. I gave you a Magnificat Ministry to Catholic Women brochure and a cd by my dear friend, Catholic singer and song writer.
    Hope the CD ministers to you. It is very anointed.
    You both are in our prayers.
    It was so good meeting you and all the wonderful people involved in the media.
    Hope to hear from you!!!
    God’s blessing be upon you both and the AirMaria station.
    In Christ’s love,