Speaking of Bikini scandals here is a real one

Posted: August 5, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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I scheduled a short joke post about bikini scandals for about 11 a.m. in response to Stacy McCain’s post of yesterday but if you are talking Bikini scandals here is a real one.

A British holidaymaker has been charged with indecency in Dubai after walking through the world’s largest shopping centre in a bikini.

The woman was buying clothes and gifts in the Dubai Mall, fully dressed but in a low-cut top, when she was accosted by an Arabic woman and criticised for wearing ‘revealing clothing’.

The pair then became embroiled in a heated row in front of hundreds of bemused shoppers.

Incensed by the Arabic woman’s comments, the British woman told her to ‘mind her own business’ before stripping out of her clothes and ‘taunting’ the locals by walking around in only her bikini, it is alleged.

Laugh if you must but in area of France and England the covering of women is a defacto rule, violation of which means a beating. If this woman wasn’t a British National you can be sure this would have been her fate. If you don’t believe me as Sabatina James or Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Rafraf Barrak, or Nujood Ali.

memeorandum thread here.

Update: Interesting: Glenn, Robert Stacy and I are all listed under the Memeorandum thread. Yet nothing in Stacy’s post or Glenn’s either links to or deals with the subject of this story. does the algorythem just look for key words like “bikini” and assume the connection or does the fact that I linked to both of them while linking it to the post make it thing they are writing about it?

Update 2: Even more interesting: Glenn & Robert Stacy have been taken from this thread, Robert Stacy’s article is now a main article with its own thread with Glenn underneath it. Lesson to be learned: It is necessary for me to put up more posts containing the words “bikini scandal”.

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