Marcela Hoeven is one up on me…

Posted: August 5, 2010 by datechguy in fun
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Stacy McCain Explains.

A memeorandum thread on this?

Actually Casey Fiano (who is expecting, congrats to her and her new husband) no slouch in a Bikini herself makes an actual point that has nothing to do with the curves on young Miss Hoeven and everything to do with Liberal stereotyping:

And when Sarah Palin came to prominence, everyone on the internet was scouring to find bikini pictures of her as well. They like to paint conservatives as frigid, dried up, ugly old prudes, and of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth. And they hope that showing pictures of a conservative — or their family members — in bikinis will mean that other conservatives will be outrageously outraged. They’re always shocked when bikini photos do not, in fact, derail conservative candidates’ campaigns.

It’s no different that our friends on the left being convinced that tea party members will be absolutely outraged at the sight of a confederate flag being burned. To paraphrase what I said about this type of thing many months ago the fact that some people are making what they are of this say a whole lot more about them then it does about us. They have watched too many episodes of Family Guy & Jon Stewart and no longer can tell the difference between real conservatives and extreme parodies.

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