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Posted: July 26, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Stacy is spot on concerning Oliver Stone to wit:

In the “context,” that is, of hating America. And Oliver Stone’s hatred of American is probably the best explanation for why a formerly successful feature director, an Academy Award winner, is reduced to directing crackpot “documentaries” for cable TV. Who wants to watch movies based on the theme that America is the unique embodiment of evil in the world?

There’s something frightening, really, when you realize how many people bought into the conspiratorial worldview of Stone’s JFK and then ponder the pathological destination to which this worldview has led Stone. And does anybody doubt that Stone has a handy scapegoat for his career problems? Blame the Jews!

When I look at the Newsbusters clip there is actually at least one point of Oliver Stone’s rant is worth considering.

Hitler did have a lot more support both within and outside of Germany that people care to remember, but I suspect Stone would like to forget that this includes the far left which just fawned over Adolph once he made is pact with the USSR and did a 180 as soon as he invaded the Soviet Union. As the saying went in France: “If everyone who claimed to be resistance were resistance, there would have been nobody left to collaborate.” It’s important to not forget that a lot of people bought what he was selling. This is is generally true for any purveyor of evil, they all have their acolytes that help make them possible.

The ultimate irony of this? This is exactly the role the Stone and people like him serve for Chavez (who he excuses) Iran (who he minimizes) and served for Saddam (Bush was worse).

Stone only valid point in his rant turns out to be a case of projection but he doesn’t see it. How could he? He is blinded to reality by the power of the “Jewish Cabel”.

Remind you of anyone?

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Update: The Volokh Conspiracy lays it out in case I was too vague:

Gibson was an easy target for Hollywood liberals and leftists. A right-winger and a religious Catholic, Gibson was the perfect manifestation of Hollywood liberals’ stereotypes of anti-Semites.

Stone, by contrast, is a Buddhist leftist of partial Jewish descent, the kind of person the Hollywood left usually thinks of as “one of the good guys.” Stone even was clever enough to follow his anti-Semitic remark about Jewish domination of the media, noted in the context of Hitler and the Holocaust, with some pablum about the Jewish lobby, Israel, and American foreign policy. This had nothing to do with the topic at hand, but Stone’s apologists will inevitably claim that his remarks were aimed at the “Israel lobby,” and not Jews per se.

Let’s see if stone gets the same play as Gibson, likely not, no baby mama in play here.

  1. I love unpopular causes!
    Oliver Stone said:
    “Hitler was a Frankenstein but there was also a Dr Frankenstein. German industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a lot of support,” Stone told Sunday Times’ reporter Camilla Long.
    Stone said that, “Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than the Jewish people, 25 or 30 [million killed].”
    -However politically incorrect it is to note, what Stone said is absolutely true. He notes that though Hitler killed the Jews, he had enablers in German industry. The reference to Americans and Brits was that our intelligence KNEW about the Death Camps form Jewish escapees in 1943, but absolutely did not publish this knowledge. Why? It would seem to be a propaganda bonanza. Why wasn’t this information not blasted out on BBC (Most Germans listened to BBC to get the real information on the war’s progress, i learned from my German relatives)? It would have had an effect on Himmler and Hitler. But in this silence, they did their dirty work….Hitler’s damage to the Russians is well known everywhere except here in the United States…..there were many more Russian civilians than Jewish killed by the Nazis. Why are facts so hard to face?
    Oliver doesn’t hate America, he just gets pissed that we Americans can be so ignorant. Ignorance only serves the rulers. And Oliver has seen first hand how that ignorance affects every day average American.
    As a combat vet, He fought with the 25th Infantry Division, then with the First Cavalry, earning before he was discharged after a 15-month tour in 1968 a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart with an Oak Leaf Cluster.
    During this tour of duty, he came up with the concept for the fictionalize account he brought forth with “Platoon”. This showed how our conflict in Vietnam divided Americans in an unhealthy way, largely due to ignorance.