Doctor Who Series 5 on BBC America in order today: Review The Eleventh Hour

Posted: July 24, 2010 by datechguy in doctor who
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Ok to any of my readers and all my pals who didn’t take my advice to watch Series 5 of Dr. Who on the BBC site before they were taken town, here is your last chance for you to watch them all free.

Series 5 of Doctor Who staring Matt Smith and Karen Gillian here is your chance. Starting at 9 a.m. EST they will be playing them in order starting with The Eleventh Hour and finishing with the US premiere of the finale : The Big Bang.

If you haven’t seen them I suggest you do so now, if you’ve missed any here is your chance to catch it.

Oh and one thing. The 11th hour is actually much longer than the time slot allows so it is likely they will have the cut down version. That is a shame since the cut version loses a full quarter of it’s run time and highly suffers for it.

I will be putting up quick reviews of the episodes during the day.

The Eleventh Hour is an excellent introduction to the series: Matt Smith plays the “confused” and newly regenerated Doctor with Pizazz, Karen Gillian is at her sexiest in the whole series in her police outfit, her young cousin makes a first rate Amy and the supporting characters are a lot of fun, I expected to see a few more of them to return during the series.

If possible find the full version as classic scenes such as the “food scene” and the “clothes scene” are cut mercilessly in the shortened version.

A regeneration episode is one you want to lead strong with, some succeed (Castrovalva) others don’t (The Twin Dilemma) the Eleventh Hour does.

Ranking Uncut ***** Easily in the top 3 of the season
Cut *** 1/2 Drops it like a rock not quite to the bottom.

Next Episode: The Beast Below

Update: Combom notices

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