Doctor Who Series 5: Episode 9 Cold Blood

Posted: July 24, 2010 by datechguy in doctor who
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Again it’s flashback time to 1970 as the doctor meets the Silurians, the peace makers trying to resist the war mongers and death in the wings.

Almost from the start we see what is going to happen and why. The psych games just don’t seem to work at all for me. Maybe I’m seeing something different but I just don’t feel the tension that is supposed to be building.

This episode just plan isn’t interesting, there are a few moments of real horror but it’s just, well boring.

The climax will seem a real copout and will get you irritated, some vital information for the series direction is revealed, for that reason it is not an episode that can be missed.

Too Bad, this really could have been a lot better than it was

Rating ***

Last Episode: The Hungry Earth

Next Episode: Vincent and the Doctor

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