Doctor Who Series 5 Episode 7: Amy’s Choice

Posted: July 24, 2010 by datechguy in doctor who
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We get a very offbeat episode with Amy’s Choice We get two realities and have to choose from, choose wrong and you die.

The entire episode is about a choice between the quiet life that Rory wants for him and Amy and adventures in the Tardis. In those terms it is a really interesting dynamic again the clash between the Doctor & Amy for her attention, thus Amy’s Choice.

The Character of the Dream Lord is really good and is played fantastically well by Toby Jones. His scenes with both the Doctor and Amy are classic and his line to Rory “Well that’s one delusion I’m not responsible for.” is awesome.

The final decision is left to Amy revealing a lot more of herself than she thought. I didn’t like the explanation who the Dreamlord was, kind of a cop-out but with that exception there is very little to complain about. For some it might not be their cup of tea.

Rating **** 1/2

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