Doctor Who Series 5 Episode 2 The Beast Below 

Posted: July 24, 2010 by datechguy in doctor who
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The Eleventh Hour exists to establish the Doctor, The Beast Below exists to establish Amy. The basic plot a space flying Great Britain has a dark secret in it’s center and the Doctor and Amy are there to discover it.

The idea of the stories of the doctor being passed down through the centuries is pretty good as is Amy’s understanding of the Doctor’s loneliness. One of the weaknesses of the previous two series is how many times the solution to the issue was driven by the companion rather than the doctor, in this episode we see the same but in fairness it was a solution that would not have occurred to him.

The episode also establishes that the crack in the wall is a bigger problem than we all realized.

All in all not a bad episode but ranks pretty low compared to the ones that would follow, not because it is bad but because what is coming is so good.

Rating *** 1/2

Last episode: The eleventh hour (cut)

Next Episode The Victory of the Daleks

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