Doctor Who Series 5: Episode 10: Vincent and the Doctor

Posted: July 24, 2010 by datechguy in doctor who
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You know almost every season you run into an episode of Dr. Who that I find so bad that I make it a point to skip it when it comes on. In Series 1 it’s The long game, not that it’s so bad but the other ones are so much better, In series 2 it was Fear Her, the single worst episode of the new series bar none. Series 3 had 3 below average episodes but the one I skip is Last of the Time Lords (The resolution was so bad that I find I just can’t watch it) In Series 4 it was Midnight and here in Series 5 we have Vincent and the Doctor..

The Doctor takes Amy to an art gallery where is spots something odd in a Van Gogh so back in time he and Amy go to investigate. Richard Curtis of Black Adder fame wrote this one and I would have expected a whole lot better from him but although the acting is actually pretty good, and there are some real tender moments but as a whole the story is so pedantic and the plot so uninspired that there is no contest which episode I would least like to watch of this series.

Where does it rank in the annals of badness of the revised series? behind The Long Game, ahead of Last of the Time Lords and just above or just below midnight depending on my mood. (It goes without saying it beats Fear Her but Fear her ranks with the worst of the entire series since 1963 and it takes some level of badness to get that low.

If you have an errand to run that can’t wait, this is the episode to run it during. Particularly since the quality is about to take a serious upturn.

Rating **

Last episode: Cold Blood

Next Episode: The Lodger

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