“I wish we could sell them another hill at the same price.”

Posted: July 21, 2010 by datechguy in media, opinion/news
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After seeing the morning coverage and following all this stuff, it’s clear that the left which thought just last night it has control of the Shirley Sherrot story has not only lost it, but lost it totally.

The left wants a story about how evil Fox news is and how bad Andrew Breitbart is, the story however is that:

  • The White house is so weak that it fired one of their own supporters out of fear of Glenn Beck.
  • The NAACP backed the White House before reviewing the full tape which they had
  • The White House standing behind the firing, then at 2 a.m. backing off of it.

And even when the MSM gets Andrew Breitbart on TV figuring they can stick it to him what happens?

On CNN he stresses the double standard, and brings up Journolist

Well GMA is going to do better, after all they have Eric Boehlert on with him and George double teaming him so what will happen?

  • Breitbart makes it about the false NAACP tea party charges
  • Brings up 100k challenge, that I don’t remember ABC ever reporting on
  • Brings up 4 videos and Boehlert says he will take John Lewis over 4 videos
  • George asks Boehlert if it’s ok to show the videos and he says yes

Forget the White House not only does GMA fail to lay a glove on  Breitbart but he manage to advance his NAACP argument, the tea party double standard.  George’s last question is asking Boehlert if he should show Breitbart’s 4 Washington videos?  Tell me how long has ABC been asking Media Matters impramarter to report news?  Have they always done it or is this just the first time its been done on air?

How many people will they have to put up against Breitbart to have a shot?

And the news cycle will be about the White House until Sherrod is offered her job back, and now they have to worry:  “What if she doesn’t take it?”  Two days ago she was an obscure member of the government, now she is in the catbird seat and can get what she wants from the Administration, and the NAACP.  Will she make them pay for having her pull to the side of the road?  She controls the news cycle and every day the White House doesn’t pay her price is a day they lose on TV.

And this is the left’s victory?  It’s Bunker Hill without the red coats.  It’s the type of “victory” that breaks an army.

After Bunker Hill Gen Howe never tried another frontal assault again.  How gun-shy will the left and the media be about taking on Breitbart after this?

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