One thing about the NAACP video of Shirley Sherrod

Posted: July 20, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, media, opinion/news, tea parties
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…that nobody is mentioning.

Look at the crowd reaction when she says this. Is there shock? Is there disgust? Is there anger? Nope, they are with her all the way.

That says more about the NAACP than anything Sherrod did. The NAACP didn’t reject Shirley Sherrod that night or last week because they never had a problem with what she said.

If Andrew Brietbart didn’t put out that video they would still be behind her. The only reason why Ben Jealous et/al have rejected Sherrod is because what she said to them behind closed doors in the past has been exposed to the general public. It is the same as Barack Obama and Rev Wright, if those videos of Wright didn’t exist he would be a regular guest at the White House today.

It would be very interesting to find people in that crowd and ask them if they had a problem with what she said when she said it.

Update: Totally missed this Instalanche because I was out having lunch with a friend and deep in an e-mail when I came back. Welcome all, have a peek around. Here is my examiner column on the subject. If you are a Red Sox fan take my Yankees poll, see why the media obsession with Sarah Palin is strictly business, Read the best quote ever concerning personal liberty that you’ve never heard of and read about Paul of Tarsus: 1st century Feminist!

Joy is going to kill me!

Update 2: Commentator Mantis in a previous post for the defense.

Update 3: Hey! My first memeorandum thread of my own!

Update 4: More developments here.

Update 5:+ 5 1/2 Full tape out included in the Update 4 link. Well that explains the lack of reaction of the crowd doesn’t it… at least except for the laughter when they think she isn’t going to help him.

  1. Patrick Carroll says:

    I had exactly the same reaction.

    Then, an update to the end of “Animal Farm” came to mind:

    “The people outside looked from NAACP member to KKK member, and from KKK member to NAACP member, and from NAACP member to KKK member again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

  2. Subotai Bahadur says:

    There was no shock, because Shirley Sherrod was doing and saying exactly what the NAACP wants done forever. The NAACP has degenerated from being one of the most moral forces in our country; to reflexive opposition to the Constitution and the promises of the Declaration. Their goal now is Black Supremacy [or at least unaccountability] and permanent one-party rule. IF we reclaim this country for the Constitution [and the issue is in doubt], they are among the TWANLOC who will have to be removed from the levers of power.

    Subotai Bahadur

  3. jgreene says:

    I was in a chat room yesterday that is primarily Black Americans and the particular room has a majority of anti-white bigots and people who seem out of touch with “reality”.

    I posted the Video of Ms. Sherrod as an example of Black Racism as most in the room believe whites to be “devils” and evil incarnate responsible for most of the world’s evils and depredations. It’s an “interesting venue if you are white and studying anthropology and culture.

    One extremely well-spoken black women responded in the room after she watched the entire clip stating that there simply wasn’t anything in what Ms. Sherrod said or the reaction of the NAACP audience that was racist in nature.

    We are living in multiple universes when it comes to dealing with this issue and there are just too many black folks who continue to live in the past and believe anything one of their peers tells them.

    A large part of black culture today is consumed with a dislike and often hatred of white people based on a history which really has never affected them personally. There is just a lot of anger and confusion in the black community. Many of them either ignore or can’t recognize black on white racism when they see it right in front of their own eyes.

  4. Peg says:

    VW said, Techguy! I thought it – but YOU said it – and with excellent perception.

  5. that is a really really good point

  6. David Carver says:

    it’s unfortunate the Sherrod video is being used to fight back at Democrat racist politics. it now seems clear that Sherrod has learned from working with people that the color of one’s skin isn’t as important as she once thought. that’s a nice story and should be portrayed that way, not with knee-jerk reactions. classic case of taking some comments out of context. maybe she started out with a racist view but she learned better…isn’t that something to feel good about and to promote? The other theme in her story is the power that bureaucrats have…that bureaucrats are human and don’t always make the best choices. so therefore be careful of putting too much power in the government.

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  8. pelicans says:

    I was eating at a cafeteria today which is very mixed racially. It’s certainly not a big deal to see individuals of different races at the same table, talking and laughing and numerous perfectly pleasant conversations between people in the mixed group. Then I look on the internet and see this video (who appointed her I wonder, I guess someone did) and I have no idea what’s going on with race relations in this country. Is she speaking for lots of people or is she way behind the curve? You’re right though, they seemed okay with her in that room.

  9. tadcf says:

    What would you all woke up in the morning and found out this whole video was an edited fraud? I wonder if it would make you question your news sources? Probably not.

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  11. DANEgerus says:

    Shirley Sherrod’s claims that a 24 year old story is redeemed by the victims themselves doesn’t wash with the taunting attitude she displayed telling NAACP members 4 months ago that she dismissed a “white” person to “their own kind”.

    Second… Shirley Sherrod is party to a suspect government billion dollar legal “settlement” payout to 80,000 African-American “farmers” of whom only 26,000 were even participants in farming. How is that not a conflict of interest and a bigger story?

  12. Patrick Carroll says:

    As a white man, I’ve not going to say any more than that it is my full expectation that from now on all black government will act against all non-white interests in favor of black interests, all the time.

    My lot will be to deal with racial discrimination, which burden I will bear with grace.

    I will wind up my business soon, and never come back to Georgia.

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  14. jennofark says:

    Context is everything.

    In this case, the context being that the audience was told prior to the clip in question that Mrs. Sherrod’s story was all about how this incident had informed her on issues of race. The audience already knew the part being related in the clip wasn’t the end of the story.

    Beyond that I’ll note that most of us have had the experience of having someone come to us to do something for them, and then making it clear that they considered us incompetent or unintelligent enough to take care of the thing they needed US to do because they didn’t know how to do it themselves. Many of us, in that situation, do less of a good job than we’re capable of doing, simply because we’re dealing with an unappreciative A-hole. But pretty much ALL of us can relate to that situation, and most, if not all of us, take some vicarious pleasure in seeing the A-hole get his comeuppance. I mean, there are entire MOVIES based on this premise – the one about the waiters who sabotage food, etc etc.

    The audience reaction has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with being HUMAN. If you’re having to stretch that hard to find evidence of “racism”, I think the stretch says more about you than it does about the alleged “evidence”.

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