It’s not personal Hippocritico: it’s strictly business

Posted: July 20, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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At Big Journalism Hippocritico has this story up about journalistic bias.

He is right about the bias of course but when it comes to Palin, this is the way it is.

If you do a story attacking Palin, you not only energize your leftist base, but we on the right will read it defending her and attacking the piece and big Palin fans will follow every story that mentions her.

On the TV news when they mention Palin eyeballs go to their channel and if they are really lucky they might score the big Coup, being attacked by Rush Limbaugh. If Rush attacks you, you get extra eyeballs.

Remember these guys don’t make their living on news, they make their living on eyeballs. That is the reason why Norah O’Donnell is at that table and Ace of Spades is not (Sorry Ace). That’s not to say Norah can’t do the job, she does it, but I guarantee the demographic rather see her than say…me.

Sarah Palin provides those eyeballs, Rush Limbaugh provides those eyeballs, J. Christian Adams is less likely to do so. Or as this Doctor Who clip illustrates, Mr. Adams, she is prettier than you:

It’s not personal Hippocritico, it’s strictly business, and if the business model supports their bias, so much the better.

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