I should be happy about this

Posted: July 20, 2010 by datechguy in employment, opinion/news, personal
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since it will mean 17 weeks grace and at least 2 months more of bills being paid before the hole begins why am I worried about this?

Democrats have stripped the unemployment insurance measure down to the bare essentials for Tuesday’s vote, which is a do-over of a tally taken late last month.

With West Virginia Democrat Carte Goodwin poised to claim the seat of the late Robert Byrd, two Republicans will be needed to vault the measure over the filibuster hurdle. Maine GOP moderates Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins are expected to provide the key votes to create a filibuster-breaking tally on a key procedural test.

Sweetness and light points out the GOP position:

As we have repeatedly said, the Republican opposition was on two points. One, that the benefits should be paid for, as is required by Mr. Obama’s imposed ‘PAYGO’ rules. Such as using some of the unspent ‘stimulus’ money in Mr. Obama’s ‘stash,’ which was indeed supposed to go for such things as unemployment benefits.

I won’t deny the money will be very helpful but there is nothing wrong with paying for this, after all every one of you who is working or running a business is paying for those benefits I will receive.

At the Huffington Post the very idea shocks them as evidenced by the headline:

Unemployment Extension: The GOP’s Unprecedented Deficit Demands

They are right about the history, but the scandal here is that the demands are unprecedented. Perhaps if they had been made decades before there would be more money available for relief.

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