Another contrast of Israel vs Hamas

Posted: July 20, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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As I am not Jewish or an Evangelical Christian some wonder why I’m so Pro-Israel and so hard on the Palestinians. Here is another example of why I think how I do:

Here is an example of the typical behavior of Hamas toward Jews:

Police and Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) agents have tracked down and arrested members of a Hamas terrorist cell responsible for a June shooting attack that killed police officer Shuki Sofer, who was engaged to be married. Two other officers were wounded in the attack.

And here is an example in the very next paragraph in the story of the typical behavior of Israel toward Hamas:

One of the terrorists, two weeks before the murder, had received humanitarian aid at Israel’s Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, where he had accompanied his six-year-old daughter for surgery that removed a tumor removed from her eye. The operation had been paid for in full by an Israeli charity foundation.

and the sad thing is you can find plenty examples of that behavior by Jews toward those trying to kill them. When I see examples of the 2nd paragraph from the Arabs, Palestinians, Hamas, et/al rather than the first then I’ll take them seriously.

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  1. GS says:

    Nice thought on the subject. I agree with pretty much everything as you’ve written it. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m an Orthodox Christian (unfortunately we might be the least evangelical major church out there, in terms of proselytizing) but you don’t have to be a dyed-in-the-wool Protestant to recognize that the Jewish people are the forebears of our religion, which started out as a sub-sect of Judaism in the first place. We owe them an inestimable debt for our faith and for the Western society that we live in. The least we can do is stand up for them against an ideologically aggressive foe that has taken to a religious creed that is perhaps the least tolerant and least peaceable that the world has ever seen.