NAACP head still maintaining on air that Washington happened…

Posted: July 14, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news, tea parties
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…Benjamin Todd Jealous makes the charge on Larry King live. Teaparty365 member David Webb points out the 100k challenge and lack of evidence, and head of NAACP plays the John Lewis wouldn’t lie card.

Who are you going to believe a ton of video evidence (or lack thereof) from hundreds of recording devices there or one guy with a vested interest in bullshitting?

He challenges Jealous directly to condemn King Shamier Shabbaz. He says the New Black Panther party should condemn him and claims that “he has done that here”.

Will update further on this

Nancy Giles again says Washington Happened Dana Loesch calls her a liar and callers her out on it, Giles keeps maintaining it. Ben Stein says the tea party will hurt the GOP (totally wrong) and Stephanie Miller goes on about signs and guns. Some serious BS going on here.

Miller and Giles are now saying Johnston is lying now and say it on the show, amazing supposedly he is lying for the money now but wasn’t for the money then? What a couple of loons.

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