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Posted: July 8, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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link that is excoriating Sharon Angle for her position on abortion.

I don’t know if she is Catholic or not but are we do deduce from their reaction that believing Catholics who follow the Church doctrine rather the Kennedy/Pelosi doctrine are too “extreme” for office? Is that not a religious test?

Just asking.

  1. LCR says:

    It’s much worse than a religious test, it’s absurd

  2. JoePo says:

    Okay, one, no she is not Catholic. A simple Google search would have solved that mystery. That renders this entire post irrelevant. And two, yes, the mainstream of America does indeed see a zero-tolerance policy towards abortion even in the case of rape and/or incest to be extreme and inhumane. They do polls on this, which you can also look up.

    Finally, the Catholic church is not the place to look right now for a cohesive morality. There have been reports on this, in the news. I can point out more appropriate places to look, if you like, and they’d be against abortion! (in most cases)

    And finally, no one’s saying Angle should not be allowed to run because of her religious beliefs, nor that, in the event of a miracle, she should not be seated in Senate because of her religious beliefs. They are simply pointing out that her views, irrespective of religion, are crazy, which is objectively true.

    PS- Austere beliefs do not necessitate an austere blog home. Get some .gifs, some artwork by well-meaning friends, an American flag with a cross where the stars should be.

  3. She’s not catholic, but she’s on the right side.

    Unlike Notre Dame – http://www.FreeTheND88.org