5 Years is all it took

Posted: July 6, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news, war
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On Jan 30, 2005 back in the days before I was blogging anywhere Glenn Reynolds put up a post about the Iraqi elections and printed this e-mail:

I’m remembering the coy saying about the French resistance. “If everyone who claimed to be in the resistance really had been, there would have been nobody left to collaborate.”

I make the following prediction: In 20 or 25 years (it might not even take that long) all the people who where saying that the war was wrong and Iraq was wrong will talk about how America brought democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan and how they were a part of it due to their protests and desire for democracy and the end of tyranny. (of course they will not mention that the tyranny that they meant was us.) If the same people who write the current history books write them again be sure that this will happen.

Well it’s been 5 1/2 years and here via Gateway Pundit is Joe Biden:

Vice President Joe Biden said after a three-day trip to Baghdad that the American people will see President Barack Obama’s Iraq policy as a success when the “combat mission” ends on schedule Aug. 31. Biden said the administration “will be able to point to it and say, ‘We told you what we’re going to do, and we did it.’”

“I think America wins,” Biden told POLITICO in an end-of-trip interview at the ambassador’s residence in the sprawling U.S. Embassy complex. “I sound corny, but I think America gets credit here in the region. And I think everybody gets credit, from George Bush to [President Obama].

Now for myself as long as we actually win I don’t care and in fairness given his previous statements the President had great potential to mess things up, and didn’t.

Hot air pundit is quite correct that they are mostly taking credit that they don’t deserve for victory, but it’s a lot better than them getting proper credit for our defeat.

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