Maj Bill Gunn & John Olver in Fitchburg: Update that’s a “1” you idiot!

Posted: July 5, 2010 by datechguy in elections, local stuff, opinion/news, special events, tea parties
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In addition to the proximity of Romano’s Mkt, one of the great advantages of the house I live in is the path of Fitchburg’s 4th of July parade is only 2 blocks from the house, less than a 5 min walk. So every year since December of 1991 we go and watch it.

Six months before we bought the house John Olver became my congressman. In all the years that I’ve seen Fitchburg’s 4th of July Parade I’ve never seen Congressman Olver there…

Mayor Lisa Wong with Congressman John Olver at the July 4th Parade in Fitchburg 2010

…until yesterday.

Not that is it odd for a congressman to march in one of the largest cities in his district but what brought about the change. Well oddly enough I think it had to do with the presence of Bill Gunn candidate for the 1st district marching in the same parade.

It was suggested at the tea party meeting on Monday that Mr. Olver’s presence was added at the last minute when he heard Mr. Gunn would be there. If a liberal as established as John Olver sees the need to electioneer this year in Massachusetts then the times they are a’changin.

P. S. Yes that was an abrupt end to the video. My camera memory filled just as he was finishing his last sentence. The rest of his sentence says we need fiscally responsible candidates on the Local, State and Federal Level.

UPDATE: As I was writing the post I was looking at the flyer on the table. it said “MA 1” but I thought the “1” was a “J” so I thought it was “Maj” as in Major. Mr. Gunn has corrected me. That’s totally my bad.

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  2. Bill Gunn says:

    Hello all,
    I was never a major. I was in the navy and I was an enlisted person, an electrician’s mate on a submarine tender. This was a wonderful parade, the people were very receptive. Most that I spoke to understand that our government is broken and my opponent is a part of the problem.
    Bill Gunn