…one about the past and one about the present.

Nasty Thought #1: All this draft nonsense:

Do you get the feeling that MSNBC and the left are pushing and talking draft right now because they are afraid of Gen Petraeus? Not afraid of him politically but afraid of him as a general. I have the horrible and uncharitable feeling that they are afraid he will actually win this war.

Success in the war would mean a more powerful US. One more likely to act rather than talk. The concept of the US military as a force never to be used is even more sacred to the left than the first black president. They aren’t in a position to attack Petraeus so the only way to counter him is to get the country talking draft. With a high unemployment rate and college so expensive it is a tempting solution to several social/economic problems but it would scare the britches off of many in the ME generation.

The left has never lost their love of 60’s radicalism, it was their greatest moment, it is their dream to bring it back in living color.

Such an appraisal is not very fair to most of the left and is as I said a nasty thought, but right now it is stuck in my head and won’t come out.

Nasty Thought #2 Al Gore

For years I’ve wondered why Al Gore didn’t assert himself during the Clinton Impeachment stuff. It would have been up to Gore to talk to the president and say it was time for him to go. If he had conventional wisdom says he would have easily won election in 2000 and maybe even in 2004. Not only did he not assert himself but he after the impeachment vote made that ludicrous speech calling Mr. Bill “One of our greatest presidents” (talk about grading on a curve)! In my mind the question has always been: Why did he play along?

I have the nasty feeling that question has now been answered. Does anyone believe for one moment that if the Clintons knew Gore had some ahem “interesting diversions” they wouldn’t have held that over him? Al understood that people judge a Rogue differently than a “strait arrow”. It’s the expectations game. People were not surprised that Clinton was messing around and judged him accordingly, but Gore? He would be judged by his strait arrow image.

Again this is a nasty thought and assumes Gore’s guilt but I can’t get it out of my head.

Are these thoughts a sign I am becoming paranoid or am I just becoming more street savvy? What do you think?

  1. Re: the AL Gore stuff … I’ll be the first to say it. Um he DID win in 2000.

    And 2nd. How did South Park put it?

    “What would make a man with millions of dollars want to sleep with a lot of women?
    …Why are rich successful men suddenly going out and trying to have sex with lots of different women?
    …Why would a man who is famous and makes tons of money use that to have sex with women?
    … and they have perfectly good wives at home. Why would they even think of sex with others?
    … of course the normal healthy male thinks only of sex occasionally and has no desire for sex with multiple partners”


    You don’t only get Happy Endings at a Friendly’s ice cream shop.

  2. Also…so Al Gore most likely has some kind of contact and you comment on it. Same with John Edwards. But yet you made no comment regarding the sexcapades of Mark Sanford SC Governor, and no comment on the allegation toward SC governatorial candidate Nikki Haley, stating, if i remember correctly, it will not be discussed on your blog.

  3. The war could end tomorrow and we would be neither victorious or stronger. It has cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives. For what? So that people will fear us? Even a seventh grader wouldn’t confuse fear with respect.

    As for Gore he ran away from Clinton during his 2000 campaign and it probably cost him the election. I’ve read that Gore was greatly disappointed in Clinton’s affair and that he was disillusioned. If you want to call him a hypocrite go right ahead. I don’t recall his vigorously defending Clinton.