Hillbuzz gets it and so will Gore

Posted: July 2, 2010 by datechguy in media, opinion/news
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My wife although sharing many political opinions with me gets weary of it very quickly. While I go to Instapundit, and Hotair and The Other McCain in the morning she goes to People online.

That’s why this post linked by Glenn at Hillbuzz is so wise:

This EW blurb means, in our opinion, that Gore’s fall is going to actually be covered in the national Media. They’ll have to, because so many people read EW, People, and those other sites that if the Media doesn’t actually cover this story, people will wonder why they’re deliberately ignoring it. Unlike 90% of everything else that goes on in politics, which regular non-politically-interested Americans ignore, if they see Gore talked about on EW’s site, but not on MSNBC, CNN, and in the New York Times and other places, they will start asking questions.


This story really and truly could bring both Gore and his cult of Anthropogenic Global Warming crashing down.

Instead of people’s eyes glassing over when I mention this they will know what I’m talking about, its actually the same dynamic that has made the attacks on the Tea Party movement so ineffectual.

Will it make one of the tabloid TV shows? If it does it’s all over.

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  2. So reading between the lines are you seriously making the arguement that because a man has an improper relationship of any kind outside of marriage, or prior to marriage, or without marriage, causes his life’s work to be pushed aside, thrown out, or ignored completely.

    Man, I sure hope that we can still have science based on Einstein’s relativatity theory, I mean he married his cousin. Or even believe the words and actions of Christ even though he kinda maybe had a thing on the side with Mary Magdeline. I sure hope Columbus never had anything on the side or else the world would might still be flat.

    Come on. I hear conservative and republican readers just soak up anything that’s in print or said to them on FOX, the same with liberals and MSNBC.

    I’m sure on the other hand some of the world’s worst people were happily married without infidelaties.

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