I have a feeling that no athiest in the world…

Posted: June 30, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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…has as many Christians praying for him as Christopher Hitchens does right now.

I have been advised by my physician that I must undergo a course of chemotherapy on my esophagus. This advice seems persuasive to me. I regret having had to cancel so many engagements at such short notice.

Rules of Christianity not withstanding I find it impossible to dislike Chris Hitchens, he is brave, loyal , honest to a fault and wrong as anyone can be about God in general and Christianity in particular.

He is open minded enough not to be offended by me and others like me offering prayers for his recovery (we’ll offer them for his redemption too but that’s beside the point). I must confess a bit of a selfish motive, I think the world will be a lesser place when he leaves it.

  1. Roxeanne de Luca says:

    Um, stupid question from the un-catechized: why shouldn’t Christians pray for atheists? Wouldn’t they need prayers even more than believers?

  2. freethinkep says:

    I guess some Christians think that praying for us Atheists is like praying for “the enemy” or something along those lines. Sad but true.

  3. freethinkep says:

    I have no idea why we would be the enemy honestly, or why anyone would even be thinking in those terms regarding Atheists at all.