I haven’t paid much attention to Dave Weigel situation

Posted: June 25, 2010 by datechguy in Uncategorized
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But here is my take:

It would be nice if the Washington Post appointed a, you know, conservative, to cover conservatives, but that isn’t in the cards, where their customer base is and just not going to happen. Conservatives being angry at Weigel is not going to change this policy.

Stacy calls him a friend, he has gone after him on occasion when wrong (as have I) but he believes in the honey/vinegar principle here, plus since he declares him a friend that has to trump political considerations.

Weigel’s apology can be taken or not, it’s up to you. Do remember that if you choose not to accept the apology, be aware that this is the standard you are setting for yourself.

As far as him as an individual, I don’t know him or have loyalty one way or the other, he is a friend of a friend so I’ll give him some consideration on those lines, but as far as the conservative movement is concerned here’s the bottom line.

As far as him and the Wa Po, it’s real simple. I see no reason why we should give him more consideration than any other journalist. If he gives us a fair shake then we should act accordingly, if not then not.

And Dave some basic advice: If you don’t want something to get out, you don’t send it in an e-mail. Write the e-mail, vent your spleen, then delete it. I’ve done that myself and you’d be shocked at how much better you feel just writing it.

Sooner or later someone is going to Hack JournoList so the people on it should act accordingly.

Update: Weigel resigns. Will they choose a conservative to cover conservatives in the future? I wouldn’t be a whole lot of money on it.

Update 2: I have since met Weigel, he seems like a nice enough guy.

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