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…is that the other side believes it is and acts accordingly:

Faisal Shahzad called himself a Muslim soldier and threatened more attacks to come after the botched May 1 Times Square terror bomb attempt.

Shahzad did not appear the least bit remorseful when he pleaded guilty to 10 federal crimes in a packed federal courtroom.

This line from the article is a real gem:

It was a strange performance from a 30-year-old Shelton Connecticut man who had actually been cooperating with the government.

It is only strange if you think this is a criminal case. If you understand that we are fighting a war against radical Islam it makes perfect sense.

Eventually our collective self delusions are going to get a lot of people killed

I took confession with a different priest than I usually do this week. Although normally one doesn’t talk about said sacrament, he said something to about coping with adversity that is important to remember.

“You are going through your Good Friday”, he said to me, “But remember, every Good Friday has its Easter.”

These words really hit me, It reminded me that at any time Christ could have decided to take up the challenge to come down from the cross but did not because he knew the suffering of Good Friday would lead to the triumph of Easter.

It is a lesson I will endeavor to keep in my heart.

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