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…likely this will be one of the few times this will be true:

Americans love competition. Repeatedly watching soccer players moderately contacted across the thigh or hip, only to react by clutching their head and writhing violently on the ground, will not sit well with Americans. This is x2 when the same said player immediately jumps up and joins the play after his theatrics earn the opposing team a yellow card.

Morning Joe devoted a full segment to the subject complaining particularly on the flop in the Brazil/ Ivory Coast game that cost Kaká a Red Card. (Forcing them to play a man down for the last 5 minutes.) The replay that clearly showed that he was barely touched in the chest while he grasped his faces as if he had his eyes gouged out spoke volumes.

Of course since the NYT covered the story Morning Joe had to as well so they took notice but such acts tend to rub Americans the wrong way.

As long as this remains the norm Americans will turn away.

The 8th Doctor to Charley Pollard. Storm Warning Big Finish #16.

Hard to believe that quote didn’t come from Washington isn’t it?