There are many thing about Soccer that are not easily understood

Posted: June 20, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, Sports
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but some things are the same the world over. Athletes who are full of themselves:

Striker Nicolas Anelka was kicked out of France’s World Cup squad for insulting coach Raymond Domenech and refusing to apologise, the French Football Federation said.

Anelka insulted Domenech in a crude manner at half-time of a 2-0 defeat by Mexico on Thursday in Polokwane.

“The comments made by Nicolas Anelka towards national coach Raymond Domenech are totally unacceptable for the French Football Federation, French football and the values they defend,” the FFF said.

It goes to show that pampered athletes transcend borders and cultures.

Now if he wants to get in real trouble back home he can try to hold a wine and sausage event in Paris.

They banned that event so the organizers moved it to the Champs Elysees they still banned it but apparently there are some French who still have backbones.

One man wore a pair of horns and braided pigtails associated with French comic book hero Asterix, an ancient Gaul whose exploits centre around resisting Roman occupation.

“18 June 1940 France, Republic, Liberty, 18 June 2010 Resistance,” read a large banner, with several participants waving French flags and holding aloft sausages.

Atlas has more details and some info on the symbolism of the date:

The idea to gather at the Arc de Triomphe is described by Identity Block as symbolic, since it was where 2,000 schoolboys defied a Nazi ban on protest and marched against the occupying forces some 70 years ago.

Furthermore, today also marked the 70th anniversary of General de Gaulle’s appeal to the French people to resist the Nazi occupation following his exile to the United Kingdom. In the end, the Washington Post reports that some 300-400 protesters turned up this evening.

When someday the tide of Sharia goes out, (and someday it will go out, even in Europe) this event will be remembered and as in the days after 1945 the numbers of the resistance will suddenly swell.

Although I suspect when the tide does go out, I have a feeling it will be because of millions of muslim women who finally cr:y “Enough!”

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