Amazon vine review: Secret Clinical Strength, Light and Fresh Scent-Advanced Solid

Posted: June 19, 2010 by datechguy in amazon reviews, oddities

One of the interesting things about the Amazon Vine program is that you aren’t just reviewing books, you often get a chance to review various products that are offered. Once in a while they are rather exciting and people rush to get them, such as treadmills, computer servers and mp3 players. When those are up for grabs it is like a department store at Christmas during the Tickle me Elmo Craze.

Other times there are everyday products that nobody thinks of “wasting” their freebies on, after all what’s so exciting about an underarm solid?

Well I disagree with that idea. If there is a product that you would use anyway I see no reason not to get it though the vine program and actually save yourself a few bucks while getting something useful.

And on that note my review of Secret Clinical Strength advanced solid through the Amazon vine program is available at here.

One other nice thing about such a review is that because the only thing at state is wetness, people will judge such a review by what is said. Of course the review is short and to the point, how many different ways can you say your underarm stuff either works or doesn’t?

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