Jim Hoff finds another story…

Posted: June 14, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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…that fits the “If you start from the idea…” meme to a T:

Students are directed to chant “I am an Obama scholar.”

do the people who run the school system over there have any memory of history? A commentator there nails it perfectly:

Quick quiz: name five countries, past or present, where the youths were required to chant praises to their omnipotent ruler? Any five. Then add together the number of innocent people those regimes slaughtered for political expediency.

Repeat after me: “If you start with the idea…

  1. kahall says:

    That Jim is relentless. I could not sleep last night and saw that story. It did not help me get to sleep.

  2. […] Read the whole thing, when I did it sure sounded like another chapter of my “If you start from the idea they are all Marxists it makes perfect sense” series of posts […]