Rush Limbaugh an Army of One: Amazon Review

Posted: June 12, 2010 by datechguy in amazon reviews
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My review of Zev Chafets book Rush Limbaugh an Army of One is available at here.

In my opinion it is the most balanced portrayal of this important historical figure that you will read.

  1. Important historical figure? seriously?
    Like all other radio/tv pundits he shoots his mouth off, speaks nonsense, and gets paid (extremely well) for doing so.

    Celebrity. Yes. Voice for conservatives. Yes. Radio Talk Show host. Yes.

    Historical figure…um no.

  2. Influence on American politics. What legislation has he introduced in any level of government. Was he ever president and signed such legislation into law? Which war did he fight in? What medal did he win?

    What major historical event was he a part of that caused him to become such a historical gentleman?

    I’m just saying ‘historical’ is probably not the proper word that should used to describe him in said context.