Hugh Slatery of Wizbang Dead at 53

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His last post was on the EU and currency and is here, an excerpt:

Here is the gist of the debate between Treasury Secretary Geithner and EU Central Bank President Trichet: the United States can print money longer (and sustain deficits for a longer period) than the EU, but the end result is the same. The EU knows it is experiencing a currency crisis right now and may be choosing to face the music by reducing spending. The United States, on the other hand, is still in denial about this looming problem. As the Europeans take on the gut wrenching job of forcing spending cuts on their citizens because they are left with no other choices, our administration is encouraging more Keynesian non sense. Fortunately, the EU is saying “enough” to the Keynesian insanity. Why? Because they have history on their side and know in a very personal way how a currency becomes worthless and what happens as a result. Americans (with the exceptions of Southerners (and their creditors) left holding Confederate dollars 150 years ago) have no experience with the harsh reality that accompanies currency debasement. J P Morgan may have saved the country one hundred years ago but the size and scope of the problem today is several orders of magnitude greater.

Via Hotair. My condolences to his wife and family.

Blogging is a new enough phenom that the death of a blogger is still an oddity the time will come, sooner than a lot of us would like that this will be a regular occurrence and will gain the same attention as the death of an elderly retired actor who we remember in passing from many years ago

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