Latest Examiner article: The Butcher the Baker the Candlestick Maker

Posted: June 8, 2010 by datechguy in examiner columns
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My latest examiner column is now up. It’s called The Butcher the Baker the Candlestick Maker:

The administration is proclaiming the economy heading in the right direction. Republicans proclaim the administration’s moves a failure. The Tea Party trusts neither and feels the government is spending money they don’t have, but movements and parties’ aside what are actual businessmen saying?

As the title suggests I ask the butcher the baker and the candlestick maker how they are doing in a slow economy. The answers surprised me.

As always you can find my complete batch of examiner articles here. If you can’t afford to kick in to the Am I half as good as Andrew Sullivan fundraiser consider checking out those articles as every hit helps.

  1. Roxeanne de Luca says:

    Article is currently being published?!?