Morning Joe is playing the “89 year old” card…

Posted: June 7, 2010 by datechguy in media, opinion/news
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…when talking about Helen Thomas; Joe suggesting that they: “Get her a cake and retire her”. The tone of Savannah Guthrie et/al was old lady sad thing (choice 5 see link above) but Anthony Weiner was having none of it, pointing to her last press conference going after Israel. Everyone in the media at that table looks really uncomfortable.

And remember of the MSM, Morning Joe is the most balanced, on the other networks it’s going to be even worse.

This is one of the reasons why I like Helen Thomas keeping her job, every day she does is an uncomfortable day for the MSM and for those who oppose Israel.

The White House is VERY lucky that Rush is gone for two weeks. If HE called for her resignation on his show then it would be rock and hard place time.

Update: Jonah cuts to the chase:

For starters, this is a classic gaffe because Helen Thomas accidentally told the truth. She’s wrong on the substance, obviously. But of course she believes the Israelis should go away. I sincerely doubt there is anyone familiar with Thomas who really doubts for a moment that she was being less than honest when she made her “back to Poland” comments or that she is lying now when she says she didn’t mean it.

But beyond that, can we do away with all of the shock and dismay at Thomas’ statement? Spare me Lanny Davis’s wounded outrage. Everyone knows she is a nasty piece of work and has been a nasty piece of work for decades.

…and his examples are not just about Israel.

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