The Tysinger Breakfast a great idea

Posted: June 3, 2010 by datechguy in blogger for hire, elections, opinion/news
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In DeKalb country there is weekly political event that for 42 years has informed people about the issues and the candidates. That is the Tysinger breakfast.

Gene Wise Tells us of it’s origin

The years may have slowed Mr. Tysinger but it hasn’t stopped him from holding his weekly event.

How many pols today still quote Cicero? At the breakfast I attended there were several speakers candidates for State offices, house, senate and Attorney general.

People made their presentations and took questions from the audience. The biggest issue of the day was the School district indictments and Tom Bowen of the board gave an overview and took some questions.

The best line of the day belonged to Seth Harp running for Georgia State Insurance Commissioner: “Sacred Cows make great Hamburger!”.

To say this is a great idea is an incredible understatement. An event like this gives people the chance to touch on the issues and talk to candidates and pols of all levels, even more importantly said pols have an incentive to show up and be responsive to the needs of the people that send them to office.

I can not recommend this type of thing enough. It should be emulated in every state, maybe in every country in the Union. Perhaps if there were more of these breakfasts the Tea Party Movement would not be necessary.

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