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Posted: June 2, 2010 by datechguy in elections, opinion/news
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I received the following written statement from the Newsmakers live Journal. As I consider it a reply to my e-mail I include it in full along with my comments in bold italic:

NEWSMAKERS Live/Journal Unfairly Assailed

It has come to our attention that a disgruntled, long-shot Republican candidate for the 4th District Congressional seat is unfairly disparaging tonight’s NEWSMAKERS Live political forum and the credibility of its ownership team by falsely reporting and blogging that she has been excluded from the event because of her race! This is interesting, she is considered the front runner for the republican nomination yet she is considered a “longshot”. Yet Mr. Ruth (who I like) is apparently not a long shot.

Nothing could be further from the truth. There was never any effort to make this a “black only” affair, as has been alleged by the candidate and her supporters. This forum was conceived and set in motion back in April based on Congressman Johnson’s schedule Interestingly enough congressman Johnson’s office informed me personally that he was not attending due to “scheduling conflicts” and the candidates we were then aware of in the race. It took me all of two minutes to find this list of ALL Ga candidates for office, how is it I could do this and they could not? The candidate in question was not on our radar screen at the time, and has been alarmingly indignant and combative when we explained that the lineup was set for tonight, but that another Republicans-only forum is planned for the very near future.If there is a republican only forum later, why is Mr. Ruth invited for tonight?

Despite numerous conversations, and an invitation to attend tonight’s event and be recognized, the caustic candidate continues to condemn and berate Newsmakers Live/Journal in what appears to be a publicity ploy designed to garner her needed name recognition. We lament this political gamesmanship. Let’s talk name recognition. when I was in GA-4 only one voter I talked to even remembered Connie Stokes name, yet she is on the program

In the past candidates have underestimated NEWSMAKERS reach and political impact, much to their chagrin.I would think that wanting to participate in the program is an acknowledgment of your reach and impact Some choose not to show up and answer our piercing and pertinent questions, while others – in a futile effort to enhance their candidacy — falsely accuse us of wrongdoing or racism in our journalistic efforts to enlighten the African American community. It would seem to me if you want to enlighten the African American community on the candidates it would have been normal to include the Hispanic and White candidates in the race


James “Jim” Welcome, Executive Producer
Maynard Eaton, Moderator

I have sent the following e-mail in reply:


Thank you for your statement I have a few questions concerning it:

Your statement says that the event was set in motion based on the congressman’s schedule. I talked to the congressman’s office today and they informed me they would not be able to attend due to scheduling conflicts. This seems to contradict your statement concerning the arrangements.

Are you aware that the congressman’s office states he will not be attending tonight?

Were you aware of the “scheduling conflict” that precludes his attendance and if so when? If the forum was arranged based on the congressman’s schedule why was it not re-scheduled?

Since Ms. Carter is considered the republican frontrunner how is she a “longshot” candidate and Cory Ruth not?

How do you define a “longshot” candidate?

How do you reconcile your claim to: “a long reach and political influence” yet claim you claim all Hispanic and white candidates in the Ga-4 race were “not on your radar screen”?

I was able to find a complete list of all candidates in races in Georgia on this web site in under 2 minutes of searching the web as a news organization how did you establish who was running and who was not?

Is it true or false that Ms. Carter was told when she inquired about the forum that she could participate and then was told she could not. If so why was this the case?

Please explain how a forum that excludes all white and Hispanic candidates not to mention the sitting congressman will enlighten the African American community will more than a forum that includes all candidates?


Pete I: DaTechGuy
Have Fedora will Travel

If I get an e-mail answer I will publish it.

As they were kind enough to take my call and return my e-mail I will not pass judgement myself but I ask my readers:

If the forum in question was all white and the organizers of an organization called NEWSMAKERS LIVE excluded all black and Hispanic candidates claiming they were “not on their radar screen” would you believe them?

Feel free to leave your answers in comments.

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  5. Margaux says:

    It was very difficult to read their letter with all your interpretations in the middle.

    You are clearly biased and not willing to give them even the smallest benefit of the doubt.

    Maybe you can encourage your candidate to attend the next event and write and tell us about how you perceived it.

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