Ga-4 Forum: No Irish Whites need apply?

Posted: June 2, 2010 by datechguy in elections, opinion/news
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Looks like there is an interesting twist going on in Ga-4, I may have come back too soon. Radio Station 1280 AM Newsmakers’ Journal is holding a candidates debate, however admittance is apparently based on skin color.

Just informed “Black Candidates” Only Tonight” So because I’m white I’m not invited to participate even though it is a Democrat and Republican debate? Hmmm- Will you call 1380 am and ask why?

Well this is an interesting turn of events isn’t it. I tried to call the radio station the mail box of the news department is jammed. I reached another person and was told that the station had nothing to do with the event although there were aware of it.

It turns out the event is being organized by something called the Newsmakers’ Journal. I sent them the following e-mail on the subject

Good morning:

Let me introduce myself, I am Peter Ingemi, a blogger out of Massachusetts who blogs under the name DaTechGuy at

I recently returned from a trip to the Ga-4th district (May 23rd-29th) where I stayed in Lithonia and covered the ga-4 race speaking with candidates, local newspapers and voters to get a feel of the district. I am still writing articles on the trip and will be for the rest of the week.

I understand you are going to be having a candidates event tonight , your home page confirms this.

I am informed that this event is restricted to Candidates of both parties only based on race. This seems such an incredible to hear in 2010 that I can scarcely credit it.

I would like to confirm that candidates Liz Carter, Victor Armendariz and Larry Gause are excluded. If this is true I would like get a both a comment and explanation concerning this.

I should inform you that I am blogging this e-mail and any response to it.

I very much enjoyed my time in Ga-4 and hope to get back there again.

Thank you

Pete I: DaTechGuy
Have Fedora will Travel

As said in the e-mail I’ll let you know what they have to say.

Update: Here is the flyer:

Update 2: Stacy and Dan Riehl are all over this.

Considering the racial makeup of the district this is unlikely to hurt Johnson or Jones or Stokes if they get the democratic nomination but nationally this could be rather nasty for the president if somebody bothers to ask Robert Gibbs about it.

Update 3: Called Congressman Johnson’s office will be waiting to hear back.

Update 4: Peach Pundit takes up the call

I’m told that Maynard Eaton allegedly at first invited Carter to tonight’s debate and discussion but later rescinded the offer based solely, not on the content of her character, but the color of her skin.

Now, three Democrats and one Republican will tonight debate the pressing issues facing the 4th Congressional District. Only one problem: it would seem that whites need not apply for the job in the eyes of Maynard Eaton and James H. Welcome, publisher of The Newsmakers Journal. They’d rather embrace bigotry and dislike for those they don’t look like them.


Update 5: That’s interesting, the update (via Obi’s sister) at Stacy’s site says the following:

Mr. Maynard Eaton, of Newsmakers Live (404.223.5910 and 404.254.8322) claims he’s never heard of Liz Carter.

That’s very interesting. I just got off the phone with Liz Carter and she informed me she was in contact with the Newsmakers group as early as the 21st. Talking to a Mr. Weather and a Ms Kivc. She further stated that she was given Mr. Eaton’s cell number, was informed that he would be expecting his call and called him on the 28th and talked to him this morning.
Perhaps I should give him a call.

Update 6: Heard back from Congressman Johnson’s office. He will not be attending the event due to scheduling conflicts. The office had no comment on the forum but did stress the congressman’s record on diversity as the congressman of all the 4th district. (On a personal note the congressman’s office was very prompt in getting back to me again and continue to be a class act when it comes to dealing with a known political opponent like me.)

Update: 7: Just got off the phone with Mr. Eaton. He told me he had not heard of Liz Carter at the time the forum was set up and only found out about her in the last week as they were talking. This is consistent with Liz’s statement above. He is also sending me a statement via e-mail and there will be a link to where the forum can be seen streaming.

Considering the attention he has been getting today and how flat out he must be it was rather nice of him to give me some of his time today.

Update 8: Newsmakes calls Liz Carter a “a disgruntled, long-shot Republican” in their statement saying she is:

falsely reporting and blogging that she has been excluded from the event because of her race!

Nothing could be further from the truth. There was never any effort to make this a “black only” affair, as has been alleged by the candidate and her supporters. This forum was conceived and set in motion back in April based on Congressman Johnson’s schedule

These guys must be really on the ball, they schedule an event based on the congressman’s schedule yet he is not attending due to Scheduling conflicts?


Update 9: A statement from the Cory Ruth campaign here.

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  2. Didn’t you just write not to long ago that a ‘club can discriminate all it wants, that is freedom of association. And under that same rule of freedom of association an individual is free to say: “I will not associate myself with said club.’

    So simply looking at the website for the Newsmakers Journal it doesn’t surprise me that a club/group which clearly focuses on the urban society and embodies an ‘infotainment’ that specializes in interviewing personalities and political figures. Wouldn’t their freedom to associate permit them with interviewing only african american political candidates who will be discussing GA-4 during their program.

    Nowhere did I see it published that this is a debate. However in previous elections debates have been held on television where not all candidates were allowed to participate. Those candidates were registered independant, libertarian, green, etc.

    What is next? Will these same people complain to the FCC because BET only broadcasts movies and television programming that stars only african american actors and actresses or why is it that Telemundo is in spanish or why does ESPN only broadcast sports related programming?

  3. Good reporting, Pete. Thanks for your work on this.

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  10. Maruchi says:

    Victor Armendariz was in attendance at the event. I work on Victor’s campaign and talked to James ‘Jim’ Welcome to get him into the forum. We had a talk…I’m a bit conflicted.

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  13. Maruchi says:

    datechguy: We only found out about the forum the day before it occurred. When we contacted them they were already set with the 4 candidates but said they would be happy to introduce Victor at the event. The event was a private forum they could invite or not invite whomever they chose. I guess Victor could have bullied himself on the stage using a political stunt but that’s not his style. The organizers were gracious in allowing him to be introduced on such short notice. Victor stands on the strength of his message and doesn’t rely on cheap political stunts to get himself noticed.